Dust Collectors

CAMCORP Manufacturing: In-House Manufacturing – CAMCORP is able to monitor and control the output and quality through its wholly owned production facility centrally located in Willow Springs, MO. CAMCORP offers all of the collectors below:
  • Pulse-Jet Dust Collectors
  • Reverse Air Dust Collectors
  • Vertical Cartridge Collectors
  • Pleated Element Dust Collectors
  • Filter/Receiver Dust Collectors
  • Medium Pressure Dust Collectors
  • Bin Vent Dust Collectors
  • Cyclone Dust Collectors
  • And More!

Established in 1993, CAMCORP is a clean air management company specializing in creatingunique design and engineering approaches for industrial applications. The firm has a full arrayof technical, engineering, construction and aftermarket services for virtually every applicationneed. Company experts have the experience in the latest filtration and pneumatic conveyingtechnologies, and have engineered unique solutions for a wide range of industrial situations.

CAMCORP has a full line of dust collectors to meet your industrial requirements of which our design team will help select and size the correct model to meet your application. When it comes to selecting equipment to manage air quality, you need a number of alternatives thatcan achieve the desired result. Our air filtration systems can be designed to meet the dustcollection needs of most any situation. Over the years we’ve repeatedly been challenged by our customers to solve impossible situations. With our years of experience and state-of-the-art capabilities, we can meet your needs. Our structural designs meet the specific technicalrequirements of the application, but we go the extra mile. We offer several standard features and options that are high-cost options or simply unavailable from other suppliers.