Industrial Dust Collectors

Established in 1991, IndustriCorp, Inc. is committed to providing the best in industrial grade equipment and services to meet the unique demands of numerous industries. We have been pleased to partner with CAMCORP, combining our unique design and engineering approaches for industrial dust collection systems and equipment.

We offer a full line of Bag, Pleated Bag and Cartridge Collectors including:
  • Pulse-Jet Dust Collectors
  • Reverse Air Dust Collectors
  • Vertical Cartridge Collectors
  • Pleated Element Dust Collectors
  • Filter/Receiver Dust Collectors
  • Medium Pressure Dust Collectors
  • Bin Vent Dust Collectors
  • Cyclone Dust Collectors
  • And More in ranges from 100 CFM to 250,000 CFM.

Together we offer a full array of technical, engineering and aftermarket solutions for virtually every application. We have the expertise and experience in the latest filtration and pneumatic conveying technologies, and have engineered unique solutions for a wide range of industrial applications.

Pulse Jet Baghouses

  • Standard Bag and Cage Designs as well as Pleated Bag Systems Available
  • Round and Rectangular Designs
  • Top Loading or Bottom Loading Bags
  • Walk In Plenum Designs Available
  • Available in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel as well as Various Alloys
  • High Pressure/Vacuum Construction Available
  • Explosion Protection Available for Combustible Dusts
  • ASME Construction Available.
Dust Collector

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Reverse Air Collectors

  • Low Pressure and Medium Pressure Cleaning Systems
  • Self Contained – Cleans Filters Without Plant Compressed Air
  • Well Applied to Systems With High Air Volumes and Heavy Dust Loading
  • Systems Up To 250,000 CFM

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Vertical Cartridge Collectors

  • Efficiently Makes Use of All the Filter Area.
  • Stainless Steel Filter Mounting & Slide Rails
  • Stainless Steel Door Latches and Hardware is Standard
  • Welded Construction
  • Selection of Filter Medias and Pleat Design for Numerous Applications
Dust Collector
Dust Collector

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Dust Collector

Bin Vents

  • Bag and Cage, Suspended Cartridge or Pleated Bag Designs Available.
  • Pulse Filter Cleaning Systems
  • Used to Control Dust on Silos, Mechanical Conveyors, Scale Hoppers, Mixers and More…

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